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Halberd Games

Halberd Games supplies free role-playing and war games rules, scenarios and campaign settings.

Latest Updates:

18/4/14: Super Heroes and Super Agents Version 8 Issue 20 and added an episode generator.

30/1/14: Added the Genertela Game for Gorantha.

26/4/14: Halberd Games are doing an Old West game at the Burton Wargames Show  this year. See here for details.

27/8/13: New version of Gloranthan Heroes Version 6.

27/8/13: Super Heroes and Super Agents Version 8 Issue 14.

5/6/13: Super Heroes and Super Agents Version 8 Issue 10.

27/4/13: Added the latest version of Super Heroes and Super Agents.

21/1/13: Updated the Battle for Crete to the Flames of War section.

12/1/13: Added the Battle for Crete to the Flames of War section.

13/12/11: Further updates to the Kasserine Pass Battle for Flames of War and the Flames of War Army Lists.

11/11/11: Updated the Kasserine Pass Battle for Flames of War.

10/10/11: Added a page for SHSA (Super Heroes and Super Agents).

10/10/11: New version of Quick Heroes (V5.5).

2/2/11: Added Flames of War page.

30/8/10: New additions to Traveller. Squadron Combat System.

17/5/10: New additions to Traveller. Ground and Space combat rules. New campaign briefing.

1/11/09: An extract from the Expedition to Sartar concerning Glasswall added to Glorantha.

31/8/09: New version of the Balazar map for Glorantha.

24/3/09: Update to the Ultra Fantasy rules and the Creatures Book.

31/8/08: Ultra Fantasy Creatures Book added and an Update to the rules.

7/6/08: Added  the latest version of the Gloranthan Heroes (5.2) rules variant for Gloranthan Games.

22/5/08: Added a new character sheet for Ultra Fantasy.

16/3/08: added a page on the Imperial Hunter Corps to the Lunar Army in Glorantha.

4/3/08: added the latest version of Ultra Fantasy (3) and two maps of Alastor.

23/10/07: revised the whole Lunar Army section and the Size of the Lunar Empire all for Glorantha.

29/9/07: added a short Gloranthan links page and more material on the Lunar Army for Glorantha.

24/9/07: added a page for Glorantha about the sea battle between the Holy Country and the Wolf Pirates.

6/1/07: New map of the  Thander System and Thander, new rules and ships all for Traveller.

For earlier updates see here.

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